As we are Creon, we offer product sales, technical support, training, application, sample analysis and reporting, project management and consultancy services with innovative solutions and projects for R & D and laboratory centers in many different fields such as materials, chemistry, industrial manufacturing, education and life science.

Main Products

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Imaging & Characterization Systems
  • Spectroscopy Systems & Accessories
  • Surface Analysis Systems
  • Laser Systems
  • Ultra High Vacuum Systems & Accessories
  • Coating & Sample Preparation Equipments
  • Customized Laboratory Systems
  • General Laboratory Equipments

Technical Support

Creon provides on-site installation and training for the systems that you have purchased by qualified and certified service engineers. In addition, customers are guided through the experience and knowledge of Creon by making site feasibility before installation in order to prepare the suitable laboratory conditions that the systems can work well.  The user training is given in application, hardware and software in order to use the systems without any problem. Creon continues to provide technical support to answer the questions of the users that may arise after installation and to ensure customer satisfaction and active operation of the systems.

In case of any problem on the systems and contacted us you will be informed about the solution immediately and a service visit program will be organized by specialist service engineers. In some cases remote support can be provided by the experts for quick solutions if it is necessary.

Training and Application

The users get the training about operating the system, making analysis, software, and so on during the installation. In addition, the problems and their solutions that may arise, the routine tests and applications that need to be done are explained during this training. Installation training is reinforced by practicing and making the experiments with the users against to be sure the analysis results and getting the experience that can be worked with the system themselves.

Creon also organizes advanced application, software and hardware training according to user needs. the trainings may be provided on-site or in the manufacturer’s factory upon the customer request. Creon primarily aims providing the necessary services for using all the capabilities and features of the systems effectively. By using this opportunity, you will increase the quality of your laboratory and become a leader in the field of your study.

Project Management and Consulting

Creon provides services such as design, production and application for special projects in addition to consultancy services to realize the project by specifying the laboratory systems, equipments, chemicals, analysis methods including all required quality management systems and finally continues the support to carry out the constituted system  efficiently.

Creon offers a professional service by undertaking the provision of all details from the beginning to the end of the project. Also, the most accurate system / configuration guidance and procurement that can exactly match your studies in the fields of scientific, R&D, production, application, etc. is one of the most important services of Creon.